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The Isimila Nursing School (INS) is a private owned institution established for several objectives including imparting and delivering health sciences’ diploma courses in long term .INS is a company registered by shares with the registrar of companies under Act 212.The registrar issued a registration certificate No. 87238 dated 17th November,201.Isimila Nursing School  registered with the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE)  as full registered as well as in accreditation we have been accredited as PROVISINAL ACREDITATION from NOVEMBER 2018 as ISIMILA  INSTITUTE OF HEALTH AND ALLIED HEALTH SCIENCES.

Isimila Nursing School is a young but expected to be fast growing institution in terms of certificate in nursing to start with and now we offer diploma in nursing and later to degrees in health sciences. Isimila Nursing school recognizes the uphill task it faces in respect of addressing the emerging national and regional challenges as response to changing perception, culture and environmental outlook.

The managing director of Isimila Nursing School is Jane Cyprian Kalinga. She is a registered Nurse/ Health pessonel Education now pursuing Bachelor degree in Gender Development, she has been in nursing career for ten years. She is holding a Diploma in Nursing from Kilimanjaro Christian Centre (KCMC), Health personnel Education (CEDHA) Arusha, Bachelor degree in Gender Development ( Mwalimu Nyerere Memorial Academy) Dar es salaam


To provide quality theoretical and practical training conducted by competent tutors to health service providers by 2025


To be leading a school in delivery of qualified and competent health service providers in East and Central Africa by 2025